Ahad, 20 Mei 2012

Dear Bestfriend

We may only known each other a short while but you mean a world to me. I swear I will cherish our memories and moment together. You matter more than anyone else. No matter what happened I will always here for you. Although we are just kids and people say that friendship don't last. I promise that ours will no matter where you go and who you become I always here with you

You make me laugh and treat me better than i deserve, You taught me so much. I love everything about youu.. the way you look when you smile. We go for the movies together, having fun in the karaoke together, eating together, we shared everything, I do regret how strong your text and your face make me smile. You stay sweet and generous and funny and Strong and brave and do great things. You would become the person that i care most

If you need shoulder to cry im here, if you need a hand to hold, a laugh to hear, a hug to feel, a word to listen and anything i am here for you. Even you're not perfect but I am okay. I like that too. We laugh at the randoms thing together. You know my ugly side, even though we disagree sometimes, when i am sad you always be here to make me feel okay. thanks for being there for me. even you are far away from me now. I know that we still stare at the same moon. and the thing that i sure and always know.....

I'll see you soon then...Love you friend

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