Jumaat, 18 Mei 2012

One thing I know..i'll see you soon then..

2011 so far has been quite a challenge so far and full of changes, and as any of my friends who really know me can attest to, I am not a person who likes change... And I mean any kind of change...Believing that God has paved the path for each of our lives, I know I am not going through these things by chance… He has allowed me to be here at this time for a purpose, and to remind me to trust in Him to take care of all of my needs…

Today I was reminded that no matter what challenges are taking place in my life at any given moment, in the end I am going to be ok... I feel this message was a gift God has given me, to remind me that he is still here with me and to tell me that everything will be ok! If you or someone you know is going through difficulties right now, my hope is that you will pass along the message I was given, to let he know that they will be okay!

Here is what I read:

"You're going to be okay. I just know it. I can't say when... or how... or what's going to make it better, but it will get better. How do I know? Because I know you! I know your beautiful soul… I know your persevering spirit... I know your strength… I have been blessed to know the you that has come through difficult times in the past, the you who will be your strong, shining self, in some not-too-distant future. You're going to be okay... You're going to be the you who has come through yet another challenge and is all the stronger for it. How do I know? Because I know you!"

and i'll see you soon then..

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